0485 Toffee tape
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Double Sided Tape

0485 Toffee tape

0485 Toffee tape

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Key Features:

Ideal for bonding correx board
Very high tack adhesive
Can be used externally
Toffee tape is one of the most aggressive adhesive tapes available. Its appearance is unlike any traditional double sided tape and is identified by is stretchy, gluey make up. Ideal for many applications, especially where an initial high grab is essential. Joining polythene sheeting, tarpaulins and pond liners, fixing of insulation panels, caravan construction, sign and display manufacture, the list potential tasks is endless. The hot melt rubber resin adhesive does not rely on a carrier and will therefore stretch rather than tear. This double sided tape doesn't like the heat or direct sunlight, 40°C is as much as it can take. If you're looking for a super high tack product without the technical guts, this is the product for you.

 0485 Specification sheet