2732ZCA Double Sided Tissue Tape
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Double Sided Tape

2732ZCA Double Sided Tissue Tape

2732ZCA Double Sided Tissue Tape

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Key Features:

Ideal on card, paper and fabrics
High grab rubber resin adhesive
Hand tearable tissue tape
When your looking for a general purpose tissue tape, you want two things - something economical and extremely high tack . That is exactly what our 2732ZCA double sided tape offers. Its high grab hot melt rubber resin adhesive makes it ideal for a multitude of uses. If your bonding card to paper or making fabric swatch cards self adhesive, this double sided tape is the product to use. 2732ZCA will comfortably work at 60oc and is hand tearable, which makes this tape a great general purpose work horse.

 2732ZCA Specification sheet