4110W .White High Bond Acrylic VHB Tape
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Double Sided Tape

4110W .White High Bond Acrylic VHB Tape

4110W .White High Bond Acrylic VHB Tape

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Key Features:

Great UV, water and humidity resistance
150°C long term service temperature
Use instead of screws or rivets
Try our 4110W range of products as a direct alternative to 3M 4950 VHB tape. This 1.1mm thick acrylic foam tape is ideal for fixing bodyside mouldings, roof trims and framework panels in trucks plus much more. 4110W will perform short term at 200°C and long term 150°C. Like most acrylic bonding tapes 4110W has good UV, water and humidity resistance. You will not be disappointed with this technically capable high bond tape and you certainly won't be put off by the price.

 4110W Specification sheet