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Craft Products

​​Are you a craft shop owner or an individual greeting card designer struggling to find a reliable source for your craft accessories? Well your struggle is over, Tape2go specialise in the production of craft accessories.

We supply double sided tapes in fingerlift, short length rolls, sheets, pads and discs all as standard (all produced in-house). In addition to our craft items we stock an economical range of glue guns, hot melt glue sticks, spray adhesives, and super-glues in our on-line range of products.

Confidently use our adhesives to complete your print finishing, arts & craft, and scrapbook projects - or for industrial uses such as carpet laying or making your upholstery self adhesive. 




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1391PP Double Sided Polyester Tape
From: £1.79 Inc VAT
66117 White Double Sided Foam Pads
From: £11.88 Inc VAT
Desktop Tape Dispenser
£11.98 Inc VAT
Dry Wipe Magnetic Tape
£9.24 Inc VAT
Glue Dots - High Tack
£33.40 Inc VAT
Gummed Paper Tape
£6.66 Inc VAT
Ironflex Adhesive Metal Strip
From: £9.24 Inc VAT
Magnetic Tape - Foam Adhesive
From: £26.40 Inc VAT
Magnetic Tape - Performance Adhesive
From: £18.48 Inc VAT
Magnetic Tape - Standard Adhesive
From: £15.77 Inc VAT