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No matter how many variations of tape we offered, we know that on occassions they wouldn't be quite right for your particular needs. But this isn't a problem as we deal with this scenario every working day. 

That's because here at Tape2go we have some very clever machinery (and people) who can chop tapes up, stick them together and basically turn them into something rather special (Blue Peter and their sticky back plastic have nothing on us).

Request any size of tape you can think of and we'll cut it to size, or even make a bespoke shape using the tape of your choice. We can even take your material and make it self adhesive. It really is clever stuff, so if you're intrigued read on to find more about our cut-2-size services:



Die Cutting


So were getting down to the nitty gritty, technical stuff here. Die cutting tape is a specialist field and takes years of experience to get it right. Luckily Tape2go now have that experience and we can make your chosen self adhesive tape into almost any die cut shape or pre-cut length. In essence we take a double or single sided tape, apply it to a waxy backing paper, put it though a bespoke cutting tool and out pops your bespoke shape. That's a simplified version, however in reality its a lot more involved. We can offer all kinds of suggestions on how your production line could run smoother and more efficiently, or we can offer you advice on how to dispense your bespoke shape with greater ease. For example, why not have your bespoke shape made with a fingerlift tab or with a split release liner so the backing paper comes off really easily. Perhaps you have a component that needs a pad or gasket applied to it - send us your component drawing and we will make a bespoke self adhesive product to match it exactly. This really is our speciality and if you're unsure of what you need, simply call us and we will come up with some great suggestions and prices.



Lamination is one of our most recent and most succesful ventures. Over the years we have encountered hundreds of people who seemingly wanted something they couldn't find. That's their product, or one of ours, sandwiched to a self adhesive tape. This is not rocket science in itself. To explain, we simply take two products and press them together using our special lamination equipment. This means that you can choose an adhesive tape from our range of products and we will laminate it to your own product. Our machinery will take materials up to a maximum width of 1.6m and we offer a maximum output roll diameter of 1m. So if you have a foam, rubber, no-woven, foil or basically any non -adhesive film we can apply adhesive to either one, or both sides for you. If you combine this service with our other slitting and die cutting services you can ask us for a special laminated product and have it converted further into a die cut shape. Our tape team are experts at selecting specialist adhesive tapes and transfer adhesives for bespoke lamination. If you have a product that you would like making self adhesive you have to call us first. You can catch us on 0161 351 9515.

Tape Slitting

So this really is one of the easiest services we offer. Tape slitting involves taking a a wide roll of tape, generally 1m to 1.5m wide and cutting it down to your desired size. We set our machine to the cut precise width and the exact quantity you require.This ensures that there is minimal waste and you get exactly what you need. Lets not forget the most important bit - you're not forced into buying a combination of sizes and quantities, that just aren't right for you. We guarantee that if you contact us with your exact adhesive tape requirement, we WILL save you money. Remember a non standard width from you, is perfectly standard for us. Call us if you have specific size in mind and we'll happily give you some jaw dropping prices.