Foil Tape
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Foil Tape

Use our aluminium foil tapes for jointing, sealing and repair work available in a varying range of film thicknesses and adhesive types available self wound or with a siliconised backing paper. Why not check out our amazing copper foil tape for keeping those pesky slugs and snails off your prize vegetable patch. 

Also available are reinforced or ultra thick 100 micron foil tapes for overly demanding applications. With stunning looks due to its mirror finish, aluminium foil and copper foil tape can be a great contender for the discerning greeting card designer for decoration.

You will not go wrong with our range of foil products and we can have these adhesive tapes slit or die cut to your designated width or dimension. Call on 0161 351 9515 for further details.







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720 Copper Foil Tape
from £7.78 Inc VAT
AT500 40mu Aluminium Foil Tape
from £6.48 Inc VAT
AT502 30mu Aluminium Foil Tape
from £5.04 Inc VAT
Slugwall - Copper Slug Barrier
from £13.80 Inc VAT
T2G 30mu Aluminium Foil Tape
from £4.50 Inc VAT
T2G 40mu Aluminium Foil Tape
from £6.00 Inc VAT