Gummed Paper Tape
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Masking Tape

Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed Paper Tape

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Key Features:

Adhesive only activated with moisture
Durable 60gsm grade paper
High tack mounting solution
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Try our white gummed paper tape as an alternative to the traditional paper masking and kraft paper tapes. This high tack paper product has an adhesive that is only activated once it has been moistened. Simply unroll your tape over a wet sponge or foam pad and hand tear to a desired length. This can then be applied to wooden frames or canvases as a means of mounting pictures and graphics. The 60gsm white paper will provide a smooth neat finish to your artwork. The adhesive face is wound on the inside of the roll, so it faces down as the tape is unwound. This gummed paper tape can also be used in standard gummed paper tape application machines. Each roll conatins 200 metres of tape which proves exceptional value for money compared to alternatives. Order today and take delivery the next working day.

 Gummed Paper Specification sheet