Guru Auto-Mount Number Plate Tape
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Guru Auto-Mount Number Plate Tape

Guru Auto-Mount Number Plate Tape

Guru Auto-Mount Number Plate Tape

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Key Features:

Easy to apply | Pre-cut to size
High tack long lasting adhesive
Provides a clean and neat finish

Try Guru Auto-Mount number plate fixing tape, if you want an unbeatable bond for your vehicle number plates. This black high tack double sided foam tape will out perform any of the general purpose foam tapes on the market. Watch our video below showing how easy it is to apply.

Simply peel the backing from our pre-sized pads and apply onto your plates. Forget the other products on the market which only offer minimal surface area coverage. Our number plate pads cover 99% of the back of your number plate giving maximum surface coverage. Each pack contains 2 pads (one for the front and one for the rear plate) plus 4 FREE isoproponal cleaning wipes to prep your surfaces before application. So do away with those fiddly screws and clips and opt for our quick, clean mounting solution. Our number plate fixing tape will perform whatever the weather so you can be assured they wont fall off in extreme conditions. Guru Auto-Mount number plate tape is the best available so order today and get sticking tomorrow.

 Guru Auto-Mount Specification sheet