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Print & Finishing

Sticking card and paper together sounds a fairly simple task... and more often than not it is. However, as printing techniques change and more complex card finishes come to market, the challenges to fold and stick these items permanently can be challenging. We offer a range of products specifically suited to the print and print finishing trades.

​​​​​​​We offer all manner of tapes such as double sided, foam tapes, magnetic, permanent & peelable, as well as die cut discs & pads as standard and that's just for starters. We can streamline your purchasing and offer premium products for your print and finishing applications. In addition we also supply a range of cost effective and highly reliable double sided splicing tapes, to the paper and board industry.

Our reputation in this market is unrivalled and we're sure that you'll find everything you need on-line. However, if you require further information please call us on 0161 351 9515.
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1331 Double Sided Perm/Peel Tape
from £2.52 Inc VAT
1392TM Double Sided PVC Tape
from £4.14 Inc VAT
1397 Clear Double Sided Discs
from £2.10 Inc VAT
2440 White Double Sided Foam Tape
from £3.84 Inc VAT
2732ZCA Double Sided Tissue Tape
from £0.68 Inc VAT
307/250 Double Sided Scrim Tape
from £14.76 Inc VAT
5015E Double Sided Tissue Tape
from £12.18 Inc VAT
5033X Double Sided Tissue Tape
from £5.10 Inc VAT
66117 White Double Sided Foam Pads
from £10.80 Inc VAT
8070 Double Sided Tissue Tape
from £1.08 Inc VAT
9014 Transfer Tape Dispenser
from £22.56 Inc VAT
D5952 Double Sided Transfer Tape
from £5.16 Inc VAT
D9605 Double Sided Polyester Tape
from £4.50 Inc VAT
Glue Dots - High Tack
from £30.36 Inc VAT
Ironflex Adhesive Metal Strip
from £8.40 Inc VAT
K PVC Double Sided PVC Tape
from £4.08 Inc VAT
Magnetic Tape - Foam Adhesive
from £24.00 Inc VAT
Magnetic Tape - Standard Adhesive
from £14.34 Inc VAT
T001 Transfer Adhesive Tape
from £2.34 Inc VAT