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Stuck on how to stick?

Don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place. Tape2go are specialists at helping you source the right adhesive tape for your project. Its simple - we know how, where and why you should use adhesive tapes - and we want to share some of our hard earned knowledge with you. That’s why we have put together our “no nonsense” tape tips resource centre, to help you along your way.
So here goes..

Tip 1.
Know your application

In order that you pin point the correct adhesive tape you firstly need to know the surfaces which you are looking to adhere to, or are aiming to stick together. In essence there will certain tapes which are best suited to certain surfaces. For example if you are adhering to paper you wouldn’t require the same adhesive tape if you were bonding to plastic. Easy surfaces to stick to would include paper, untreated card, wood and plastic. The bonding process becomes a little more tricky when you want to adhere to rubber, powder coated metals, certain fabrics like ribbon, concrete, polypropylene and high varnish board. Any surface which has a siliconised type finish can also be a thorn in your side so evaluate your surfaces carefully before hand.

Understand the environment
Its one of the most important aspects of choosing your adhesive tape – the environment it will be expected to perform in. In order that you choose correctly you need to evaluate what stresses the tape will have to endure during its life span. Will the adhesive tape be subject to high temperatures, left in direct sunlight all day, 365 days a year or exposed to the elements Will it be in an environment where it’s under physical duress like being pulled, peeled or stretched This may sound far fetched but all of these factors can have a detrimental effect on the lasting performance of your adhesive tape, if you don’t spot them before you start.

Tape Selection

Seemingly it’s the moment of truth – or is it You know your application and you know what is expected of your adhesive tape. So narrow your adhesive tape selection by budget. There is little point in choosing a top end specification adhesive tape when a middle of the road product will do nicely. Likewise don’t be fooled into thinking that a general purpose – toolbox – type adhesive tape will hold signs up over the M6 toll road. It’s a fine balance but a general rule of thumb can be applied. If you’re looking for immediate tack levels at fairly reasonable prices choose an adhesive tape with a rubber resin adhesive. If you’re looking for an adhesive tape which will still be performing in the next decade opt for a tape with an acrylic adhesive. This may cost a little bit more but it’s sure to give you the results. Another factor which could sway your final selection could include how easy the adhesive tape is to use. For example, Do you need the tape to be hand tearable – this is essential for speed, particularly if you are on site or in a busy hand finishing environment.

Tape Application

This may sound simple and more often than not - it is – as long as you follow some simple practices. Common sense tells us that trying to stick your adhesive tape onto a dusty or greasy surface will cause no end of problems. So try cleaning your surfaces down with white spirits or isoproponal wipes – you can even use nail polish remover. (Obviously not suitable for skin preparation prior to the use of our fashion and toupee tapes – we suggest a good bar of soap for this). Cleaning your surfaces thoroughly will prove to be invaluable for long lasting results. Essentially, there are many ways in which you can apply your adhesive tape. The most popular ways are by hand, by machine or by using a dispenser. However you choose to apply your adhesive tape, one thing for sure – 9 times out of 10 you will need to apply pressure to your tape, so it beds onto your surfaces properly and gives the adhesive time to reach its ultimate bonding strength.
That’s where the expression “pressure sensitive tape” comes from.

Tape presentation

The final hurdle!
We all want any easy life, especially when we are on a time frame or tight budget.
So the final consideration for your adhesive tape selection must be tape presentation.
It may not be obvious but the format in which you receive your adhesive tape can have a dramatic effect on your working day. For example:
Would an oversized liner assist in your end user application speed?
Would a pre-determined roll length make your life easier or fit your final packaging better?
Would a split liner mean you avoid costly man hours trying to expose an adhesive?
Would a bespoke die cut shape or pad mirror your component and enhance the aesthetics of your product?
Would having your product individually wrapped and labelled with your own company logo suit your product range?
Any of these suggestions are sure to make your life easier and in most cases will probably save you a considerable amount of money.
There’s only one way that we would know about all these benefits. It’s because we offer all these facilities in house and as standard methods of presentation to our existing clients.

For more information on any of our adhesive tapes or indeed how we present them to market, please contact or experienced sales team or your account manger on 0161 351 9515 or e-mail us at